April 8, 2009

Offshore oil drilling -NO WAY

It's time to speak up to keep our coast free from offshore oil drilling. On April 16th in San Francisco, Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar will hold a public hearing to get input from the community on what they believe the country should pursue in regards to offshore energy resources. We need people to come up to the hearing and express their support for protecting our ocean and for keeping drilling away from our coast. The hearing will be held at the University of California, San Francisco's Mission Bay Conference Center, Robertson Auditorium at 1675 Owens Street. Doors open at 8am and the hearing will run until 8pm with a noon rally in support of the ocean. Please attend and speak up to keep our ocean healthy. For more details go to www.saveourshores.org.

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  1. This seems like a key opportunity for the public to come out and speak up for the need for renewable energy. Hopefully a large number will attend to express their frustration with the idea of "drill, drill, drill"


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