November 13, 2009

Fishermen are getting crabby!

For the past month we have seen the fishermen preparing their crab pots for the crabbing season this year which started last Saturday for sport fishermen and start tomorrow for commercial fishermen. Unfortunately since crab have such a consistent up and down cycle, they are not to optimistic about this year's catch. The Santa Cruz Sentinel reported on it today:

There was also a article in the Sentinel today about sport fishing with reports of good crab fishing out on the bay: The sport fishermen have strict limits (10 crabs per person at a minimum shell size of 5 and three-quarter inches) so it is different for commercial fishermen. We will be talking to the fishermen next week and get a report on the beginning of the season.

We will let you know when they are for sale here in the harbor but I suspect it will be as early as tomorrow afternoon. Support our local fishermen and buy some delicious crab down at the docks in Santa Cruz Harbor.

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