November 18, 2009

The Low-down on Local Seafood for Sale

I went down to the docks today to find out what the fishermen were selling. Right next to Johnny Harborside's Restaurant, there is a building where local fish is processed for sale. There I met Hans from H&H Fresh Fish. They prepare all of their fish right here in the Santa Cruz Harbor then sell the fish at the local farmer's markets. You might have seen them before, they specialize in sustainable seafood and they make a killer fish taco (featured at the recent dinner market at Kelly's Bakery that Save Our Shores co-hosted).

There was also a sign next to the building about fresh fish for sale at Far West Marine which is sold by a guy named Joe. He wasn't in today but here is the sign of everything he sells to the public. Hans said he sells mostly wholesale but he will sell some retail.

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