December 15, 2009

FAQ: What can I do to fight overfishing?

With the screening of The End of the Line coming up tomorrow, people keep asking me what they can do to help control the problem of overfishing and poor fisheries management. Here is my answer.

#1) Support your local fishermen. We are so lucky to live on the California coast where we have sustainable fisheries right in our backyard. Every fishermen on the California coast abides by many regulations in order to maintain healthy stocks of fish. So go to your local harbor ,farmer's market or fish market and buy local fresh fish. If you want to stick to the grocery store, choose local with New Leaf Market where they team with FishWise to provide fresh sustainable fish.

#2) Ask! Inquire! Seek Out! When you are in a restaurant or a grocery store ask where the fish you are purchasing came from and how it was caught. These are the two main factors that determine sustainability. When in doubt choose fish from USA waters, we have more fishery regulations than anywhere else in the world so most of our fish is sustainable. If you want to get specific, download a Seafood Watch card from Monterey Bay Aquarium and carry it around with you.

#3) Spread the word. Talk to people about choosing sustainable seafood and leave Seafood Watch cards at restaurants with your bill. The only way we can fight this battle is if we get more people involved. If you want to get active in the Save Our Shores sustainable seafood campaign contact me at

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