December 1, 2009

Our Favorite Kitty Makes it on the Local News!

This is the story of Krusty the harbor kitty who used to hang out right outside of the SOS office. Krusty would howl outside our door and we would bring him food and water but we started to notice he had something wrong with his eyes. They almost looked like they were sealed shut and she would tremble when we got near because she couldn't see us. We soon found out that Krusty's owner was looking after him every night but unfortunately did not have a place to live.

Then we met Chris who had also been concerned about Krusty so we started to work together to get her the help she needed. We all fell in love with Krusty and knew he needed special attention so we (the employees of SOS) scrounged up some money and decided to pay for the surgery. Krusty is still in recovery for the next few days but we are told she is looking around and very happy. We can't wait to see her when she gets back to the harbor!

Here is the clip of the news story:

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