November 18, 2009

The Low-down on Local Seafood for Sale

I went down to the docks today to find out what the fishermen were selling. Right next to Johnny Harborside's Restaurant, there is a building where local fish is processed for sale. There I met Hans from H&H Fresh Fish. They prepare all of their fish right here in the Santa Cruz Harbor then sell the fish at the local farmer's markets. You might have seen them before, they specialize in sustainable seafood and they make a killer fish taco (featured at the recent dinner market at Kelly's Bakery that Save Our Shores co-hosted).

There was also a sign next to the building about fresh fish for sale at Far West Marine which is sold by a guy named Joe. He wasn't in today but here is the sign of everything he sells to the public. Hans said he sells mostly wholesale but he will sell some retail.

November 17, 2009

SOS Eats at the First Sustainable Sushi Restaurant in California (and Maybe the U.S.), Tataki!

While SOS staff was in San Francisco for the Green Festival we decided to eat some guilt free sushi at the sustainable sushi restaurant Tataki.

Most of the Save Our Shores staff has stopped eating seafood because of how much we know about the state of most fisheries of the world, but we were excited to eat seafood we knew was sustainable. Casson Trenor, one of the owners of the restaurant, is a friend of SOS and the author of Sustainable Sushi: A Guide to Saving the Oceans One Bite at a Time, so we knew all of the fish on the menu went through a thorough screening.

We started with the Crab Croquette which is deep fried crab with sweet potatoes and a sweet sauce, major hit with everyone! Then we shared a few rolls but our favorites were the double-double, tataki deluxe, reggae roll and the hot potato roll. They all came with a great sauce and were very flavorful. Although the actual restaurant was smaller than most, the decor was very vibrant and exotic. Most of the walls were full of all of their amazing media coverage including an article in Time Magazine.

So if you are like us and feel like there is no place to get real sustainable sushi, visit Tataki if you are ever in San Francisco, you will not be disappointed!

The Staff of SOS after a very yummy sustainable meal!

November 16, 2009

SOS Ventures to the Green Festival

This Saturday, the staff of Save Our Shores traveled up to San Francisco to the Green Festival!

It was overwhelming how many great new inventions were there, like this vertical planting system. It has individual capillaries of water and soil behind the matting and there is a pump at the bottom so everything is watered properly. This one is called the Inka Wall Garden by Inka Biospheric Systems (

They also had some really interesting things made out of recycled materials. These are purses made out of old inter tubes from tires.

After browsing for a bit, we went to the main stage to see Amy Goodman from NPR's Democracy Now! speak.

Leaving the talk we all felt inspired to work at the local grassroots level to help our community achieve change for the greater good. It all starts at a local level, that is why Save Our Shores has lasted so long, last year we celebrated our 30th anniversary of advocacy and citizen action in the Monterey Bay Area and we will keep fighting for another 30 years to get more protection for the ocean and healthier beaches for our community.

We walked around and found our board member Wallace J. Nichols at his booth for one of his many non-profit groups called See Turtles. They work to save sea turtles around the world by spreading awareness about their fragile breeding areas and the dangers of plastic pollution linking to sea turtle deaths. Here is a picture of part of the staff of See Turtles, J. Nichols and our executive director Laura at their booth.

We had a wonderful time at the festival, it is great to see so many people working towards a more sustainable lifestyle. One thing that we loved was we didn't see any plastic utensils, cups or plates at any of the food vendors, they all used compostable materials, which is leaps and bounds ahead of most plastic-loving festivals. You got a discounted ticket if you traveled by bus or bicycle, which is a great incentive to use alternative transportation. Lastly, all of the vendors in the festival went through a strict screening through Green America's Green Business Network so you can be assured that everything you buy or sample has sustainability in mind. We are looking forward to the next Green Festivals and thanks to the organizers of this festival for making such a great event!

November 13, 2009

Fishermen are getting crabby!

For the past month we have seen the fishermen preparing their crab pots for the crabbing season this year which started last Saturday for sport fishermen and start tomorrow for commercial fishermen. Unfortunately since crab have such a consistent up and down cycle, they are not to optimistic about this year's catch. The Santa Cruz Sentinel reported on it today:

There was also a article in the Sentinel today about sport fishing with reports of good crab fishing out on the bay: The sport fishermen have strict limits (10 crabs per person at a minimum shell size of 5 and three-quarter inches) so it is different for commercial fishermen. We will be talking to the fishermen next week and get a report on the beginning of the season.

We will let you know when they are for sale here in the harbor but I suspect it will be as early as tomorrow afternoon. Support our local fishermen and buy some delicious crab down at the docks in Santa Cruz Harbor.