January 29, 2010

Environmentalists in bed with oil company?

"An oil company agreed to pay several anti-drilling groups $100,000 and other compensation in exchange for their willingness to lobby for a proposal to expand drilling off the coast of Santa Barbara, according to the terms of an agreement." -San Francisco Examiner (Associated Press)

Wow, that is all we can say is wow. Save Our Shores has always had a steady stance against off-shore oil drilling, in fact it was the reason we first formed in 1978. We would never think of lobbying for drilling if we got paid off.
A few months ago our Executive Director, Laura Kasa made a statement during an interview saying that this oil drilling plan would not work and that Save Our Shores was against it. We received a call that day from an environmental group saying that we should support this oil drilling plan because the oil company would give money to environmental causes and they promised to be done in 13 years. We said that we would keep opposing the plan even with this new information and they still tried to sway us. Now we know why.

"Oil officials also agreed to donate 3,900 acres to The Trust for Public Land and contribute $1.5 million to a fund that could be used to purchase hybrid buses. Most importantly, conservationists pointed out that Plains Exploration & Production committed to shutting down its local operation in 2022."-Associated Press

With this and the supreme court ruling allowing corporations to contribute to political campaigns, what is to stop these huge companies from setting their own agenda for the country? We need to stand strong on these issues, oil drilling endangers ocean wildlife and is just going to stall our move towards renewable energy.

One action you can take now is to support the California State Parks $18 vehicle fee proposition which will overthrow the plan to drill for oil in order to pay for the state parks, another genius blackmail plan favored by Governor Schwarzenegger. There are petitions going around, if you see one, sign it and if it makes it on the ballot, make sure to vote for it. We can't let the oil companies win, even if they do offer you $100,000...wow.

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