January 19, 2010


Last week, Charles Clover, the author of The End of the Line, and Fish2Fork re-invented the choice to eat sustainable seafood. The new feature on their website has a rating system for seafood sustainability for restaurants in the US and UK. Now people can easily go to this website and find a restaurant in their area where they can eat sustainable seafood!

If you choose to go by area, you can check out some great and not so great places to eat in California, click here to find out.

There are a few restaurants in Monterey and San Francisco (Tataki Sushi, our favorite) on the website but there are no restaurants reviewed in the Santa Cruz area, so here are a few we know about that are very sustainable and are a part of the Seafood Watch program:

Aquarius Restaurant at the Dream Inn - 175 West Cliff Drive
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Café Mare - 740 Front Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

La Posta - 538 Seabright Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

Michael's on Main - 2591 South Main Street
Soquel, CA 95073

Ristorante Avanti - 1711 Mission Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Soif Wine Bar and Restaurant - 105 Walnut Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Save Our Shores has had an idea for months about something like Fish2Fork has created, a rating system for not only restaurants but for grocery stores too.

If you would like to be involved in helping us rate our local grocery stores and restaurants in Santa Cruz county, please click here to download an easy score card that you can take to the store. Then send the cards back to Save Our Shores and we will put out a report in the local paper. It is time to get involved in sustainable seafood, before it is too late!

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