January 11, 2010

The results are in...and the winner is...PLASTIC!!!

For all of our cleanups year-round, Save Our Shores keeps detailed data for everything that we collect on the beaches and rivers. We keep track of every little thing we find from shopping carts to disposable cigarette lighters.

We just finished totaling up our data for this year and we wanted to share a little with you. Click here to view the graphs.

For beach cleanups in 2009 (129 cleanups) the top 5 items collected are:
#1: Cigarette Butts- 26,709
#2: Fireworks- 22,592
#3: Plastic pieces- 13,859
#4: Styrofoam pieces- 6,800
#5: Plastic Food Wrappers (chip bags or candy wrappers)- 6,185

River cleanups of 2009 (32 cleanups) the top 5 items are:
#1: Plastic Food Wrappers- 3,265
#2: Plastic Pieces- 2,336
#3: Cigarette Butts- 2,015
#4: Styrofoam Pieces- 1,615
#5: Plastic Bags- 1,468

See a recurring theme here?

Everything on those top 5 lists are all made out of plastic or have plastic components, like cigarette butts. Plastic does not biodegrade, it will be here forever! On our beaches, in our oceans and especially in our landfills.

But YOU can do something about it!

Remember this the next time you go to the beach or river, try not to bring plastic and start using re-usable bags and bottles. We need to kick this plastic habit, plastic needs a time out.

Click here to sign our Bring Your Own petition and pledge to use re-usable items instead of plastic.


  1. Sign the pledge to refuse single use plastic at:


    Join the global movement!

  2. I put a link to this post on my blog The Daily Ocean to spread the word. THANK YOU for your committed work!


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