January 21, 2010

Salmon Run Falls Short

"Salmon didn't make the big fall comeback in Central Valley rivers that anglers and nature lovers yearned for, raising the likelihood of a third year of fishing restrictions." -Sacramento Bee

This is devastating news to fishermen in California who will be facing another fishing ban on Salmon for a third year in a row. Some scientists say it is too early to tell and they will have more information by February.

It was reported that some areas, such as the American River, had a slight increase in salmon but "the run as a whole seems likely to turn out the same or slightly smaller than in 2008, which was the smallest year ever recorded."-Sacramento Bee

Scientists are saying that there are two main causes to the decrease:

1.) Poor ocean conditions with reduced food supply

2.) Problems in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, where young salmon run into pollution, water diversions and non-native predators on their migration to the sea. Studies have estimated only about 8% of young salmon released in the rivers survive to reach the ocean.

The big fight going on right now is the fight for water for fish or for farmers. The Governor has plans to establish more canals and damns for farmers in California which would surely harm the salmon population and lead to poorer environmental conditions.

To get involved in saving salmon and steelhead, go to http://www.water4fish.org/

For further reading on the salmon run, click here.

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