January 5, 2010

Something is missing from this article...

"Consumers are shying away from eating tuna... We are very worried about the trend."

Really? Because we are ecstatic!! This recent article came out today on Yahoo News through the Associated Press and it talks about the concern for the Japanese economy because the sale of bluefin tuna is decreasing. Nowhere in this article do they mention that bluefin tuna is an ENDANGERED SPECIES!

"Apart from the falling demand for tuna, wholesalers are worried about growing calls for tighter rules amid declining fish stocks."

The truth is, many countries back a ban on fishing of these endangered species at least temporarily so the very dwindling stock can recover. The European Union (EU) proposed a ban in September of 2009 and 6 European countries blocked it.

Here are some clips from the movie The End of the Line with some interesting information about the bluefin tuna trade:

What do you think about this article and the bluefin tuna trade?


  1. So glad you did this!!! I saw this yesterday on Yahoo and was disappointed that they did not talk more about how the BLUE FIN TUNA IS NEARLY EXTINCT! I really like the work that Dr. Carl Safina has done to advocate for the blue fin tuna. Look him up if you are interested in finding out more about this subject. Thank you so much for posting it on your blog!

  2. Viewing the graphic depictions of the rows of dead bodies and the gory methods of killing netted tuna really makes me rethink that tuna salad or sashimi. It is poignant that the Japanese fishing trade is lamenting the declining sale of bluefin tuna without acknowledging that the entire bluefin population is so highly endangered.


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