February 17, 2010

Save Our Shores at Maverick's

A Save Our Shores staff member almost got washed away in the crazy rogue waves of Maverick's last Saturday. She witnessed people getting drenched and running in the stampede to get away from the huge waves that washed over the spectators over 5 times at the world famous contest. Our staff member took picture from the cliff, it was one of the last waves that almost swept away the P.A. system up on the jetty. This was right after they finally evacuated people from the area after a few had to be taken to the hospital with broken bones. It really makes you wonder why they would set up all of the tents and equipment right on the beach, why didn't they set it up on the cliff? Just a reminder to never underestimate the power of the ocean.

Here is a picture of the fifth place surfer, Carlos Burle from Brazil after his final heat, looks like those waves were a little rough!

Save Our Shores was at the contest to spread awareness about Marine Protected Areas of the Central and North Central Coast of California as well as our monthly beach cleanups in Half Moon Bay.

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