April 5, 2010

Talking to legislators for Oceans Day tomorrow...MPAs now!

Save Our Shores is going to Oceans Day in Sacramento tomorrow to talk to legislators about Marine Protected Areas and a state-wide plastic bag ban. Here is a link for last year's Oceans Day events. Hopefully we can talk to legislators from Southern and Northern California to get there MPAs approved and put into effect.

My inspiration for tomorrow? Sylvia Earle, one of the most amazing oceanographers of our time and a huge advocate for marine protected areas. This is her TED talk about her wish for more MPAs worldwide, such an amazing inspiring talk, hope you enjoy.

This is a quote from Sylvia Earle's book The World is Blue that I will be carrying with me tomorrow when I talk to law makers about how important these are to the future of the ocean and the future of mankind:

Children today and the children of tomorrow can walk through redwood forests little changed in hundreds of years except for the fact that the trees are taller and have greater girth. They can peer over the rim of the Grand Canyon and not see neon lights below, and can view the geysers and boiling springs of Yellowstone in the presence of buffalo. Nearly 400 places of natural, historic, and cultural significance are now within the U.S. National Park Service, and globally, thousands of other areas making up about 13 percent of the land have been designated for care. Fourteen national marine sanctuaries and a number of national marine monuments now embrace more than 881,000 square kilometers (340,000 square miles) of ocean in U.S. waters, and globally nearly 5,000 marine protected areas have been designated. It sounds like a lot but the total area of ocean covered is a fraction of 1 percent. That means, of course, that more than 99 percent is open for uses that are not entirely benign.

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