June 10, 2010

Leave those Adopt-a-Beach Signs Alone!
What a great program we have - businesses, groups, families and schools can all sign up to Adopt-a-Beach for the year. By becoming a beach adopter, these groups give back to our community by pledging to participate in at least three beach cleanups a year. Beach adopters help create cleaner, safer beaches, and they help protect our beloved ocean ecosystem and marine animals from the harmful effects of pollution.

So we have to wonder, why oh why do people feel the need to de-face these Adopt-a-Beach signs that are proudly displayed at adopted beaches throughout Santa Cruz County?

Don't we all live in this beautiful, idyllic, ocean community because we love the beauty of this area, the laid-back beach vibe, and the supportive, environmental minds that make this town so great?

Help us put the word out: our Adopt-a-Beach signs are on display to thank the groups that support our environment through their good work and stewardship. In other words, keep your paws off our Adopt-a-Beach signs!

Go vandalize a canvas, put it in an art gallery, and make some money for your efforts. Believe me, there are better uses for your time.

Please report any vandalized signs to Save Our Shores at aab@saveourshores.org.

Thank you!

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