July 7, 2010

July 5th Star Spangled Beach Cleanup a Huge Success & July 4th Pollution Prevention Day is Working!

Save Our Shores thanks the 220 community volunteers who participated in our July 5th Star Spangled Beach Cleanup, where we removed 2,750 lbs. of trash and 400 lbs. of recycling from our Santa Cruz beaches in just 3 short hours.
Thanks to you, 3,150 lbs. of pollution did not make it into the Monterey Bay, and our oceans as a whole.

During our July 4th Pollution Prevention efforts the day before, over 1,600 trash and recycling bags were handed out to beach goers on the busiest beach day of the year at Main Beach, Seabright Beach, Twin Lakes Beach, Moran Lake Beach, and Seacliff/Rio Del Mar Beach. On the 4th, our Pollution Prevention volunteers and staff reached about 3,400 people on these same beaches, educating them about ocean pollution and how to properly dispose of their trash.

Did you know July 5th is the second largest SOS beach cleanup of the year?

Our community of beach lovers is now able to experience cleaner, safer beaches at: Davenport Main Beach, 4 mile Beach, Panther Beach, Seabright Beach, Twin lakes Beach, and Seacliff and Rio Del Mar beach. Out of the seven beach cleanup sites included in the July 5th Star Spangled Beach Cleanup, the dirtiest beach was Panther Beach, at 715 pounds of trash and recycling removed, and the cleanest beach was Twin Lakes Beach, with 175 pounds of trash and recycling removed.

Our efforts are working! Because we've been handing out trash and recycling bags on beaches on the 4th of July, our July 5th cleanup data shows a decline in the amount of trash that winds up on Santa Cruz County beaches on July 5th.

Thank you, volunteers, for making such a huge impact in our community.

Up next: Annual Coastal Cleanup Day on Sept. 25th!

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