February 25, 2010

Plastic Bag Ban Advances for Santa Cruz County!

On Tuesday night, SOS staff member Emily attended the Santa Cruz City Council meeting to speak on behalf of the Santa Cruz County plastic bag ban. She brought the, now famous, picture of the sea otter pup stuck in a plastic bag in Elkhorn Slough along with others pictures like the one below of animals becoming entangled in plastic bags and told the council about the harm plastic bags can do when they end up in the ocean.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel published a story on the council meeting, Emily quoted our beach cleanup data, "from June 2007 to December 2009, the organization's volunteers collected a total of 16,483 plastic bags -- including retail and trash bags -- from the county's coastal areas and rivers from Watsonville to Boulder Creek."

The council had a unanimous vote in favor of the ban and approved the process of writing an ordinance. The only thing standing in our way now is the ACC (American Chemistry Council) who has sued other cities who have adopted such a ban.

Save Our Shores is drafting up the ordinance and we hope to have it ready to present, fittingly, by Earth Day this year. But we still need your support! Click here to sign our online petitions for plastic bag bans.

February 18, 2010

1400 pounds of trash collected in just 3 hours!

On Saturday February 13th, over 30 volunteers came to support Save Our Shores' river cleanup at Branciforte Creek in Santa Cruz. Volunteers collected over 1,000 pounds of trash and over 400 pounds of recycling! Volunteers removed everything from couches, chairs, a bed frame, vacuums, tarps, shopping carts, electrical wires, batteries, car parts, cans, bottles, and lots of plastic items. Thank you to those who showed their support for our local watershed and made this creek cleanup such a huge success!

Save Our Shores has been leading river and creek cleanups throughout the year as it has become clear that these inland areas need our cleanup efforts the most. While our beaches continue to receive several cleanup a month, our river areas are often overlooked and under-served. We aim to change that! SOS will be hosting a number of river cleanups throughout 2010. Upcoming river cleanups include an Earth Day San Lorenzo River cleanup on Saturday April 17th, a San Lorenzo River mouth cleanup on Saturday May 29th, and an upper San Lorenzo River cleanup on Saturday June 12th. For details on any of these cleanups please visit our public calendar on the website or contact Emily at 831-462-5660 ext. 5.

February 17, 2010

Save Our Shores at Maverick's

A Save Our Shores staff member almost got washed away in the crazy rogue waves of Maverick's last Saturday. She witnessed people getting drenched and running in the stampede to get away from the huge waves that washed over the spectators over 5 times at the world famous contest. Our staff member took picture from the cliff, it was one of the last waves that almost swept away the P.A. system up on the jetty. This was right after they finally evacuated people from the area after a few had to be taken to the hospital with broken bones. It really makes you wonder why they would set up all of the tents and equipment right on the beach, why didn't they set it up on the cliff? Just a reminder to never underestimate the power of the ocean.

Here is a picture of the fifth place surfer, Carlos Burle from Brazil after his final heat, looks like those waves were a little rough!

Save Our Shores was at the contest to spread awareness about Marine Protected Areas of the Central and North Central Coast of California as well as our monthly beach cleanups in Half Moon Bay.

February 10, 2010

Fall in Love With Your Creek this Valentine's Day!

Creek Cleanup this Saturday, February 13th at Branciforte Creek from 9am-noon.

The Save Our Shores check in table will be at Market St. and Avalon St. Save Our Shores will provide gloves, buckets and boots but please feel free to bring extra supplies and garden gloves.

Last year we collected 3,573 pounds of trash from Branciforte Creek in just 4 cleanups! Think of how much of an impact that makes on the trash that ends up in the ocean.

Now is the time to get involved in your community and help us cleanup up Branciforte Creek. This cleanup is sponsored by the City of Santa Cruz's Clean River, Ocean and Beaches Fund (Measure E). Visit the Save Our Shores website for more details.