May 18, 2010

Back to our Roots: Opposing Offshore Oil Drilling

Save Our Shores was originally founded as a citizen-action organization in 1978 to keep offshore oil drilling out of the Monterey Bay and Central Coast waters. We succeeded. Today, we continue to lead efforts to protect the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary we helped establish throughout 1988-1992.

The BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a serious national disaster and we hope this tragedy will inspire citizens, legislators, and organizations around the world to advocate for clean energy and the complete termination of new fossil fuel explorations off of our coastlines.

Residents of the Monterey Bay are fortunate to have a nationally protected Marine Sanctuary in their backyards, but the threat of future offshore oil drilling disasters is still very real.
Watch a slide show from the Gulf spill...

  • On May13, California Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, along with four other West Coast Senators, introduced a new Senate Bill calling for the permanent protection of the entire Pacific Coast from any new leases on offshore oil rigs along the coasts of California, Oregon, and Washington State.
  • The new Senate Bill will amend the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act, and brings together the three Pacific Coast states that have a vested interest to protect their $34 billion dollar coastal economies that support over 570,000 jobs. An identical House Bill has already been introduced.
  • We at Save Our Shores urge all of those concerned with the threat of offshore oil drilling to stand behind this bill and support clean energy alternatives that will help create robust economies and green jobs for thousands of people.
  • Because the new Senate Bill was just introduced, it has a long way to travel before it is approved into law. To show your support in the meantime, send an email to Barbara Boxer or Dianne Feinstein and let them know you oppose offshore oil drilling.

Take Action!

Here on the picturesque Monterey Bay, and up and down the coastlines of California, Oregon, and Washington, these bills will become economic support systems for our flourishing coastal industries such as tourism and recreation, while providing protections for our fisheries and environment from catastrophes like the Gulf spill.

Watch this video from the Gulf spill...

May 5, 2010

Guess who Won Best Non-Profit for 2010?

Save Our Shores extends a HUGE thank you to everyone in the community who voted for Save Our Shores as Best Non-Profit in the Good Times 'Best of 2010 List.' We owe it all to your amazing volunteer work and constant support of Save Our Shores' ocean advocacy programs.

Thank you Santa Cruz! Your commitment to the Save Our Shores mission is paying off - and a more ocean-aware community is arising. Your participation in beach and river cleanups inspires, motivates, and teaches others; your voices advocate for the health of our oceans; and your actions help our youth learn how simple, responsible choices result in a happy, healthy, ocean community.

Thank you again for Living Blue & Saving Our Shores!