August 26, 2010

Announcing the Winners in the Hey-hey-hey, Goodbye Plastic Bag Video Contest

In conjunction with the Santa Cruz County, state of California, and global efforts to ban single use plastic bags, Save Our Shores and Wallace “J” Nichols drummed up the idea to host a viral video contest with the goal of raising awareness about the unnecessary use of plastic bags. The contest, dubbed the Hey-hey-hey, Goodbye Plastic Bags Video Contest, was announced on Earth Day this year, and the final winners have been selected.

With the help of judges Philippe Cousteau, Mark Stone, Eric Thiermann, and Dr. Wallace “J” Nichols, the Grand Prize Winners of the Hey-hey-hey, Goodbye Plastic Bags Video Contest are:

  • Echo Zen, of Del Mar, CA: Winner in the ‘Judges Choice’ category. Echo Zen will receive a brand new HD Flip Camera. Watch their video...
  • Tanner Gibson, of Pickens, South Carolina: Winner in the ‘Most Views on Youtube’ category (cutoff date: 8/6/2010). Tanner will receive a brand new SD Flip Camera. Watch his video...

And The three Runners Up are:

The three Runners-up will receive a bundle of Save Our Shores reusable gear as prizes.

The Hey-hey-hey, Goodbye Plastic Bags Video Contest entries are creative, unique, hilarious, and sometimes a little bit scary. The Top 10 Finalist can be viewed via the post below.

August 16, 2010

BAN THE BAG - Help pass California AB 1998

We need your help to pass the AB 1998, the California bill to ban single-use plastic bags. TAKE ACTION today!

Why AB 1998?

* AB 1998 will create a uniform policy throughout the state, instead of the 'swiss cheese' effect currently taking place. Plastic bag bans have been, and are being, passed everywhere from San Francisco, to Santa Cruz County, to China, parts of India, around the nation, and across the world.

* Recycling does NOT work. Only 1-5% of plastic bags end up being recycled, and its only down-cycling that occurs at that point. Californian's alone use 19 billion single-use plastic bags in one year.

* California spends over $300 million annually to clean up littered streets and waterways. About 90% of floating marine debris in the ocean is plastic, and over 267 marine species worldwide have been impacted by plastic pollution in our oceans.

Save Our Shores strongly supports AB 1998, and hope our participation in the lobby day for AB 1998 at the State Capitol on August 10th, as well as our attendance at the 'Don't Feed the Bag Monster' rally in San Francisco on August 12th, will help pass this important bill.