February 23, 2011

Happy Jackson Browne Day!

“All the plastic the world has ever made is still out there," says Jackson Browne, in his interview with the Santa Cruz Weekly. "It doesn't go anywhere because it doesn't break down. This is a critical moment in our planet’s life. Plastic was a big mistake, and we need to do something about it." Save Our Shores couldn't agree more.

Today, Feb. 23, Browne kicks off his Solo Acoustic tour here in Santa Cruz and today has been officially proclaimed 'Jackson Browne Day' by the City of Santa Cruz. Save Our Shores will be presenting Browne with our 2011 Ocean Hero Award today for his continuous anti-plastic activism. Not only is Jackson Browne a talented, world-famous musician, he's a pioneering member of the Plastic Pollution Coalition, raising awareness through his REFUSE Disposable Plastics Campaign.

Jackson Browne is most well known for his song, "Running on Empty" and for writing the Eagles song "Take it Easy," but he recently wrote a song about plastic activism, watch the video below and be inspired!


  1. Yay! We heart Jackson Browne! And we especially heart musicians and public figures who take action for the environment and spread the word to the masses. Go team anti-plastic.

  2. what is the name of the song? Is it available for download?
    he was in Sacramento last week....and his telling of the song was intense! please feel free to watch and share


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