March 22, 2011

Earth Day, Earth Month... What will You do this April?

Less than three months into 2011, Save Our Shores has worked with almost 900 volunteers at 30 cleanups to remove over 4,000 lbs of waste from our beaches, rivers, and creeks in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties. Read those numbers again and remember - winter and early spring are our slow seasons at Save Our Shores... we are just gaining momentum for spring, summer and fall, the busy season at Save Our Shores (and our beaches).

As we enter into the month of April, now labeled by many as Earth Month since it contains Earth Day on April 22, what will your commitment be for the earth and for the oceans we love? Will you volunteer at a beach cleanup for the first time or the 10th time? Will you come to your first river cleanup and really get dirty? Will you be a volunteer at the Earth Day Festival in Santa Cruz?

Save Our Shores is committed to being an organization that connects citizens to the ocean and finds ways for them to act out their commitment to protect the earth and the oceans we love. Consider joining us at an Earth Day event in Santa Cruz, or at our monthly cleanup in Monterey County. Express your appreciation for the planet we live on and our beautiful Monterey Bay region. We'll see you at the beach...or on the river...or at Earth Day!

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  1. Earth Month - I love it! The perfect time to give thanks for the beautiful environment we live in here around Monterey Bay. Thanks!


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