May 2, 2011

Bag Ban Needs Support at the Carmel City Council Meeting this Tuesday, May 3rd!

Save Our Shores and the Central Coast Sanctuary Alliance are asking all interested parties to join them at the Carmel City Council meeting on Tuesday, May 3rd, to speak in support of a local bag ban ordinance for the City of Carmel. Supporters are best to arrive by 6:30pm.

Members of the Central Coast Sanctuary Alliance, which now includes over 40 environmental organizations and local businesses, have been ramping up their efforts to work with municipalities and counties around the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary to pass local bans on single-use plastic bags.

The rise in these recent efforts was successful in getting consideration of a plastic bag ban onto the Carmel City Council meeting agenda at the very last minute.

This is the first, necessary step to passing a local ordinance to ban the distribution and use of single-use plastic bags at grocery stores and retail outlets within the city limits of Carmel. Strong support from the community, businesses, and local leaders is essential.

The May 3rd Carmel City Council meeting agenda can be found here:

The photo above is of an otter pup stuck in a plastic bag with her mother trying to remove it. The otter pup made it out after several attempts. This photo was taken by local photographer Terry McCormick in the waters near Moss Landing Harbor.

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