May 11, 2011

Charlie Hong Kong Goes Plastic Bag Free for Earth Day!

Right before Earth Day this year, Carolyn Rudolph (pictured with her husband below), owner of the ever popular Santa Cruz institution known as Charlie Hong Kong, stumbled upon an SOS photo of an otter pup stuck in a plastic bag in the waters near Moss Landing Harbor.

The photo, taken by Terry McCormick, has become an important ally to Save Our Shores throughout our ongoing efforts to ban single-use plastic bags. Carolyn took one look at the photo and said "that's it" - immediately deciding their business would no longer provide plastic bags to their customers. She posted the photo in the restaurant to spread awareness about the plastic pollution issue and is now implementing a Bring Your Own reusable bag program. Customers can now take home a durable, reusable bag for $1.50, a portion of which will be donated to Save Our Shores. Thanks, Carolyn and customers of Charlie Hong Kong!

Carolyn also stopped selling plastic water bottles at the restaurant, and strives to eventually offer aluminum and glass beverage bottles only in the near future. Carolyn's message to other businesses is to "Ban the bag - get rid of plastic bags!"

And to their customers: "We're all in this together. Transition can be difficult, but we all care about our environment and can all work together to help protect it."

She gladly signed Charlie Hong Kong onto the Central Coast Sanctuary Alliance as a Supporting Business to back the unified effort to ban plastic bags all around the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

It's hard to believe that somewhere around 100 billion petroleum-based plastic checkout bags are used in the United States each year. Production of these plastic bags requires an estimated 12 million barrels of oil each year!

The human experience made it just fine before plastic bags, plastic take-out forks, and plastic water bottles. We need to move into a new era of reusable and refusable. Take a stand against plastic pollution and join us to ban single-use plastic bags by signing our petition today.

A ban on plastic bags would help preserve the integrity of our local ecosystems, reduce the burden on landfills, and cut back litter in our communities. Learn more on our fact sheet on plastic bags...

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