June 16, 2011

Join Hands Across the Sand on Sat, June 25th to say NO to Offshore Oil Drilling

Unite Against Offshore Oil Drilling

Hands Across the Sand is a grassroots movement of citizens, business owners, and elected officials uniting on beaches worldwide to support CLEAN ENERGY NOW and to say NO TO OFFSHORE OIL DRILLING.

Meet us at Cowell/Main Beach on Saturday, June 25th at 11:30am where we will gather and join hands at 12 Noon to unite against offshore oil drilling.

The Santa Cruz community and all those in favor of clean energy, a healthy marine environment, and the end to offshore oil drilling are encouraged to attend this worldwide, annual event.

Hands Across The Sand 2010 was the largest international protest against offshore oil drilling in the history of the world, where participants gathered in all 50 states and in 43 countries to support clean energy. This is not a political movement; it is about the protection of our coastal economies, our oceans, our marine wildlife and fisheries. The accidents that continue to happen in offshore oil drilling are a threat to the future of all life on this planet, and expanding offshore oil drilling is not the answer. The time for clean energy is now.

Join Hands Across The Sand at 11:30am on Saturday, June 25th on Cowell Beach in Santa Cruz to take part in history in the making. Unite against offshore oil drilling with Save Our Shores and Surfrider Santa Cruz.

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