September 1, 2011

Sign Up for Annual Coastal Cleanup Day September 17th!

Did you know Annual Coastal Cleanup Day is the single-largest volunteer event on the planet? Come make history with Save Our Shores!

This year our goal is to coordinate the largest community volunteer event the Central Coast has ever seen – a record-breaking Annual Coastal Cleanup Day in both Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties.

In 2010, a total of 6,043 Santa Cruz and Monterey County volunteers came together to prevent nearly 20,000 pounds of pollution from entering our Sanctuary at 80 cleanup sites in just three short hours. In California, an impressive 80,312 volunteers removed over 1,100,000 pounds of pollution from our beaches, rivers, and waterways. Now imagine what gets left behind…

Annual Coastal Cleanup Day 2011 will include 50 sites in Santa Cruz County and 33 sites in Monterey County. Inland and river sites often see the most trash, so consider registering for an underserved site this year. Let’s work together to protect our environment and create a more empowered, responsible community at the same time.

Want your business or group to be recognized as a steward for our oceans? Become an Event Sponsor! Email today.

Want to become an environmental leader in your community? Sign up to be a Site Captain! Email

The overall success of Annual Coastal Cleanup Day depends on the leadership of our Site Captains and is a rewarding way to be an environmental leader in your community with minimal commitment. You'll attend a brief information and training session in early September, arrive early on Coastal Cleanup Day to set up your cleanup site, sign-in your volunteers, and hand out cleanup materials. Whether you are a regular beach cleanup participant or this is your first time, participating in Coastal Cleanup Day is exciting and easy. For more information contact

Bring Your Own
We are committed to reducing the environmental footprint of this event and encourage volunteers to Bring Your Own reusable bags, buckets, gloves, and reusable water bottle to lower the carbon footprint of this event.


  1. Hi - I know Ocean Conservancy does a Worldwide Coastal Clean Up Day ...I'll participate via South Florida!

    New Follower to your blog! Love it!

    Adding you to my blog list!

    Best Wishes and glad you care about the oceans and ocean life!


  2. HI - I also added your organization to my Coastal Activism List of Organizations (and to my beachy keen blogs list!)

    Am your Newest Follower, too!

    Glad for what you do to help our oceans!


  3. Hi Linda, so glad you found us! Yes, please be sure to check out the local org running Annual Coastal Cleanup Day in your neck of the woods on Saturday, September 17th!

  4. I'd love to sign up, but I have a 3 year old in tow. Do you have any recommendations for how we could be useful while I keep the little guy safe from troublesome trash? I'd love to make this a family affair. Thanks!

  5. Annual Coastal Cleanup Day is indeed a family-friendly event. Your 3 year old will love the time with you on the beach!

    You'll just need to keep an eye on the little guy, but a beach cleanup is really quite easy for families to manage. You could point to the larger items like bottles and ask him help out by placing it into your recycling bag. You could also ask him to keep an eye out for bright colors, call out the color, and then point you to it (bright colors don't belong in the sand in most cases).

    You can chose what to collect and what not to collect for the sake of your child's involvement, but we ask that if you leave things behind that you let someone else know where there is trash to remove.

    See a list of cleanup sites by clicking the pre-register links here:



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