November 9, 2011

Celebrating Over Three Years of Marine Protections around the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Do you ever wonder what’s happening to protect marine life here on the Central Coast?

Or how we’re going to revitalize depleted fish populations for future generations?

They’re called Marine Protected Areas, our underwater state parks.

For the past three years, twenty-nine different Marine Protected Areas have been set aside in local waters to conserve essential marine habitats unique to California's Central Coast.

Ano Nuevo, Greyhound Rock, Natural Bridges, and Elkhorn Slough are some of the most visited natural areas in Santa Cruz County and the Central Coast. To the south, Asilomar, Lovers Point, the Carmel Pinnacles, Carmel Bay, Point Lobos and Point Sur encompass some of the most breathtaking views the Pacific Ocean has to offer, each with it's own level of protections.

California's Marine Protected Areas limit, restrict, and regulate fishing and harvesting of marine animals and plants so ecosystems can bounce back after years of depletion and mismanagement. Join Save Our Shores in celebration of three years of local marine protections, of sustainable seafood, and better ocean policy.

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