July 27, 2011

Get Your Groove on With Shady Groove and Slugs N' Roses this Sat, July 30th!

Shady Groove & Slugs-N-Roses Benefit Show for SOS

When: Sat, July 30, 7:30pm

Where: Don Quixotes, Felton (map)

The Wheel Company presents Shady Groove and Slugs-N-Roses for their first ever concert benefit for Save Our Shores up at beautiful Don Quixotes in Felton!

Get your tickets in advance at Streetlight Records or Don Quixotes, or right there at the door during the night of the event, then prepare to get your groove on in the name of clean beaches and ocean conservation around Monterey Bay!

Save Our Shores thanks The Wheel Company for their generous contributions through this fun, informal community fundraising event!

July 22, 2011

Great News: CA Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Bag Bans

Last week, on July 14th, the California Supreme Court ruled in favor of the City of Manhattan Beach in the case challenging their city's ban on single-use plastic bags.

This monumental ruling proclaims that state of California law does not make it mandatory for a city to complete a full Environmental Impact Report (EIR) prior to legally imposing a bag ban. This is excellent news for the many jurisdictions that have delayed moving forward with bag bans due to the threat of being sued by the Save Our Plastic Bag Coalition, a key lobbying group for the plastics industry, of course.

The CA Supreme Court's unanimous decision to support the City of Manhattan Beach's decision to enact a bag ban will make enactment of such bag bans more affordable and timely in the future, as EIR's can cost upwards of $100,000 to conduct and often take a year or more to complete.

As long as local bans include a fee on single-use paper bags, the ordinances are seen as a push toward reusable bags, instead of simply just a move away from plastic bags. The County of Santa Cruz and City of Santa Cruz are both working on similar ordinances that would impose a 5-cent fee on paper bags, with exclusions built in for low-income shoppers.

Decreasing and stopping use of single-use plastic bags as well as paper bags is the ultimate goal to make a positive impact on our environment.

With statistics claiming merely 2-5% of the billions upon billions of single-used plastic bags used in the US being recycled, the new green-living mantra is:


July 19, 2011

Santa Cruz Derby Girls Support Save Our Shores July 23rd!

The Santa Cruz Derby Girls have quickly become a local treasure here in the Cruz. Their stands are packed, their fans are loyal, and the Derby Girls will stop at nothing to support their ocean side community here on Monterey Bay.

On Saturday, July 23rd, the Santa Cruz Derby Girls will benefit Save Our Shores during their 'bout' at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium. The event will be a fun night for locals and visitors alike, with proceeds benefiting your favorite non-profit!

Save Our Shores has been in clean beaches cahoots with the Derby Girls for some time now, as they are one of our most well known Adopt-a-Beach groups. Their adopted beach? Main Beach in Santa Cruz - and boy does it need the clean beaches energy now! Thousands of visitors to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and Main Beach leave this popular tourist destination littered with plastic bottles, bags, Styrofoam coolers, cigarette butts, and so much more.

We are honored to have the Derby Girls on our team. Check them out on Saturday, July 23rd, at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium for the 'bout' between the Boardwalk Bombshells and the Heartless Heathers from the Rose City Rollers.

July 8, 2011

July 15th is the Covewater Classic Film Screening at the Rio Theater

Check out the Covewater Classic Film Screening on July 15th - a benefit night for Save Our Shores!

When: Friday, July 15th, 6:30-9:30pm
Where: The Rio Theater in Santa Cruz

As part of the First Annual Covewater Classic, Northern California Stand Up Paddle Championships, Covewater SUP will also host the Covewater Classic Film Screening on Friday, July 15th. Join us at the Rio Theater for a fun night out in Santa Cruz!

The first film, Destination 3 Degrees, addresses the plastic pollution issue in our oceans while chronicling the SUP journey taken by two women in the Hawaiian islands. The second film, Take Tahoe Circumnavigation, will take you on a ride on California's most stunning alpine lake.

Thanks to Scott Rubble, owner of Covewater, proceeds from the film screening will be generously donated to Save Our Shores to further our ocean conservation efforts right here on the Monterey Bay.

From Covewater SUP: "While hundreds of surf movies have made their Northern California debut at the beloved Rio Theatre over the decades, this night will be a first of its kind—a stand up paddling movie premiere night. Please join us and the rest of the ocean-loving paddling community for an event that will always be 'the first SUP movie night' in Nor Cal!"

July 5, 2011

Taking Back our Beaches With Pollution Prevention over the Fourth of July Weekend

It started on July 2nd this year, with a group of costume-clad ocean advocates dancing and waving signs on Ocean Street in Santa Cruz...

We greeted visitors to Santa Cruz in a fun manner with positive messaging, reminding them that the beaches around Monterey Bay are a treasure for locals, marine animals, and visitors alike - and that we must all work together to protect this Sanctuary we have here in our backyards.

We made the evening news (on TWO stations) and the Save Our Shores Pollution Prevention message spread like wildfire. Catch another glimpse in this video...

On July 4th, 28 dedicated volunteers hit the beaches to further spread the Pollution Prevention message. The teams of volunteers handed out over 1,600 trash and recycling bags to beach goers in a few shorts hours, and reached nearly 5,000 beach-goers that day! We are very impressed. July 4th Pollution Prevention efforts continually prove to be an important tool for stemming the tide of pollution left behind by the thousands of visitors to our area’s beaches each holiday. Check out this article on July 4th...

Then, on July 5th, from 8-10am, 263 volunteers in Santa Cruz and Monterey gathered on our beaches for the Star Spangled Beach Cleanup.

Thanks to our volunteers, we prevented a total of 1,657 pounds of pollution from entering our Sanctuary and harming marine wildlife. Check out our YouTube video from the cleanup...

The top 3 dirtiest beaches were all in Santa Cruz County. In order, determined by total poundage removed on July 5th only: Seabright Beach, Main/Cowell Beach, and Panther Beach.

"SOS has been running July 4th and 5th efforts in Santa Cruz for several years and we've found that our pollution prevention efforts on July 4th decreases the total amount of trash left behind on local beaches. We've also seen an increase in cleanup volunteers on July 5th,” says Emily Glanville, program manager for Save Our Shores, “and are excited to bring this same success to Monterey County. We hope to continue to see more stewardship of our Sanctuary from locals and visitors alike."

"Today was the second largest beach cleanup of the year on the Monterey Bay, removing 1,386 pounds of trash and 271 pounds of recycling from our beaches. Thank you to all of the ocean heroes who got up early to remove a total of 1,657 pounds of pollution from our beaches today,” says Andrew Hoeksema, coordinator of volunteer programs at Save Our Shores.

The July 5th beach cleanup took place this year in Santa Cruz County at Davenport Main, Panther, Cowell/Main, Seabright, Twin Lakes, Moran Lake, and Seacliff/Rio Del Mar beaches. In Monterey County the Star Spangled Beach Cleanup took place at Del Monte Beach, Monterey State Beach, and Carmel Beach.

The fun never ends at Save Our Shores, voted Best Non-Profit in the Santa Cruz Weekly’s Gold Awards of 2011, 2nd Best Activist Group in the Good Times Santa Cruz’s Best of 2011 poll, and Best Non-Profit in the Good Times Santa Cruz Best of 2010 poll.

Want to help protect and preserve the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary?