April 19, 2012

Earth Day is Everyday When you Join Save Our Shores

Earth Day is every day when you Save Our Shores for your ocean community!

Give back to the earth - DONATE today!

Calling all ocean-lovers, friends of the California sea otters and sea lions, and tree-huggers everywhere...

YOU can protect your favorite marine animals, beautify the banks of your rivers, and create a cleaner, greener more ocean-aware community for Earth Day this year.
  • Your Donation will fuel the fight against plastic pollution in your backyard.
  • It will inspire and educate future generations to follow in your footsteps.
  • And it will prevent nearly 30,000 lbs. of pollution from entering your Marine Sanctuary.

It takes a community to Save Our Shores and protect our Marine Sanctuary. Join us!

Give Back to the earth with your Earth Day DONATION today!
  • For $500, you'll fund the Sanctuary Steward training course.
  • For $250, you'll fund a river cleanup - messier and more costly than a beach cleanup, but three times as effective for preventing marine debris.
  • For $100, you'll fund a public beach cleanup along a half mile stretch of your favorite beach.
  • For $50, you'll bring a classroom of students to a local beach cleanup.

Thank you for creating a cleaner, greener Monterey Bay!

Your friends at Save Our Shores

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