April 23, 2012

Over 555 Volunteers Take Action for Earth Day 2012!

Our ecstatic thanks goes out to the over 555 community volunteers who banded together to prevent 853 pounds of pollution from entering the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary on Saturday, April 21.

With at least fifteen different school, civic, religious, and business groups participating, three Adopt-a-Levee groups on the San Lorenzo River, and hundreds of drop-in volunteers in both Santa Cruz and
Monterey, today marked the single-largest Earth Day cleanup effort to hit Monterey Bay.

Four public cleanups took place at the following locations: 
  • San Lorenzo River Cleanup at Water Street Bridge
  • Cowell/Main Beach
  • Manresa State Beach Cleanup sponsored by Nordic Naturals
  • Del Monte Beach at Wharf #2 in Monterey

In addition, three Adopt-a-Levee groups held cleanups on the San Lorenzo River: 
  • The Sunrise Rotary Club cleaned between Felker St. and the Water St. Bridge
  • Albert’s Organics was at Laurel St. Bridge to Riverside Ave. Bridge
  • The Rotary Club of Santa Cruz cleaned between the Riverside Ave. Bridge and the river-mouth.

The four river cleanups along the San Lorenzo River in downtown Santa Cruz removed a total 315 pounds
of pollution from our local watershed. Of that, 244 pounds were trash and 71 pounds were recyclables.

Out at the beaches of Cowell/Main Beach, Manresa State Beach, and Del Monte Beach in Monterey, over 420 volunteers worked together to prevent 459 pounds of trash and 79 pounds of recycling, for a total 538 pounds of pollution removed from area beaches in under three hours!

"With over 550 volunteers, this year was our biggest volunteer effort ever on Earth Day! It is so exciting to
see volunteers from Santa Cruz to Aptos to Monterey all working hard to care for this amazing corner of
the earth.  And what a perfect weekend for people to get outdoors to volunteer for and celebrate the earth."
said Andrew Hoeksema, Coordinator of Volunteer Programs at Save Our Shores.

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“It’s incredible, really. Last year, over 2,400 pounds of pollution and debris were removed from just two
cleanup sites. This year, we had seven cleanup sites, over 550 volunteers, and just over 850 pounds of
pollution and debris were recovered. The Save Our Shores team considers this a great victory in the
ongoing quest for healthy oceans. More people pitching in and less pollution found than in past years
makes us very, very happy,” Says Colleen Bednarz, Communications Coordinator at Save Our Shores.

Thank you, volunteers! Thank you, Supporters! YOU makes this all possible.

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