June 6, 2012

The City of Carmel Votes Unanimous to go Plastic-Bag Free!

Save Our Shores is celebrating the City of Carmel's unanimous decision to move forward with a plastic bag ban last night, Tuesday, June 5! With the grassroots advocacy efforts of Save Our Shores, and the help of about twenty other community advocates who gave public comment in support of the bag ban, a plastic bag-free Monterey Bay is coming our way!

To support a plastic bag-free Monterey Bay, please become a Member of Save Our Shores today!

The second reading of this important, ocean protecting ordinance will take place on Tuesday, July 3rd, and the law will then take effect 6 months from the final reading on February 3rd.

Carmel's bag ban will prohibit distribution of plastic bags at markets and retail outlets and will NOT impose a fee on paper bags. There are only a few places in California that have passed a plastic bag ban without imposing a fee on paper bags, they are: Manhattan Beach and Dana Point. 

The City of Carmel and Save Our Shores are keeping our fingers crossed that City officials will not be approached by the Save the Plastic Bag Coalition, the plastic industry lobbying group infamous for suing City Councils for attempting to pass plastic bag bans. 

Said Vicki Pearse, a member of the CCSA and the representative from Sustainable Pacific Grove, "When I think of Carmel, I think of a classy town.  There is nothing less classy than a plastic bag blowing down the street.  Let's be classy not trashy and pass this ban on plastic bags for Carmel."

Save Our Shores' Lauren Gilligan brought a petition with 370 signatures from all over the world in support of a plastic bag ban for Carmel. And even though Carmel city officials did not vote to impose a fee on paper bags, they will be working with Sustainable Carmel and the Carmel Chamber of Commerce to encourage the use of reusable bags. 

Save Our Shores is advocating for Carmel stores have an incentive program where shoppers may receive a discount on purchases - or get to donate to a charity - if you bring your own reusable bag.

Go Team Plastic Bag Ban!!

Find out more about efforts to reduce plastic bag pollution around Monterey Bay...

From your friends at Save Our Shores

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