June 28, 2012

SOS Commits to Increase Cleanups on State Beaches With Reduced Maintenance

Breaking News: Twin Lakes State Beach will remain open for the next year. This includes Black's Beach, Twin Lakes Beach, Harbor Beach, and Seabright Beach. But upkeep and maintenance will be reduced.

Zmudowski State Beach is still slated for closure on July 1.

Governor Jerry Brown just approved $10 million to help pay for the maintenance costs at the parks that do not sign new maintenance and stewardship agreements with any NGO's or third-party agencies. As of now, Twin Lakes does not have an agreement with an NGO or agency, so it will be one of the State Beaches to receive part of the $10 million to keep it operating.

Maintenance efforts will be reduced, and the amount of upkeep available will depend on how far this money needs to be spread among the other State Parks.

Save Our Shores is committing to increase cleanup efforts on these beaches, advocate for behavior changes that decrease plastic pollution, and working with local neighborhood groups and residents to increase awareness about the issue - including new Pollution Prevention signs with bag dispensers, but we need your help.


On Thursday, June 21st, a Save Our Shores billboard, pictured above, went up on Highway 17, alerting residents and visitors alike about the threat of impending State Beach closures.We hope this raised awareness about this issue and have already had new people come to us to offer their help.

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