October 17, 2012

Santa Cruz County Bans the Sale of Styrofoam Products

As of today, October 17, 2012, the sale of most polystyrene foam (Styrofoam) products is illegal in the County of Santa Cruz

This includes foam cups, plates, bowls, coolers and similar products that will no longer be sold in County stores.
Big thanks to the Santa Cruz County Supervisors who Took Action to our protect local beaches and the wildlife of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. 

The City of Capitola also has a ban on the sale of Styrofoam products. These bans are the strictest in the nation.

A recent article in the Monterey County Weekly reports further on how one company, Jamba Juice of Sand City, is still using Styrofoam. From the article: 

The tiny hamlet of Sand City is the very last holdout on the Monterey Bay shoreline where takeout orders are still legally packed in polystyrene foam. 

Every other coastal jurisdiction from Carmel to Davenport, including unincorporated Monterey and Santa Cruz counties, has banned the beach-littering plastic commonly known as styrofoam.

And in that little foam haven of Sand City, only one restaurant – Jamba Juice in the Edgewater Shopping Center – is still clinging to its polystyrene containers. At least, that’s according to Santa Cruz conservation nonprofit Save Our Shores, whose staffers have hit up the Sand City restaurants one by one in hopes of converting them to eco-friendlier packaging.

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Save Our Shores will continue to target problematic pieces of pollution and create effective solutions to protect our ocean and communities from plastic pollution. Read more...

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