May 6, 2013

Not-So-Secret Society

We wanted to share something special with you this week, the thoughts of one of our recent graduates of the Sanctuary Steward docent class of 2013, Ray Hocking:

       A couple dozen people sit in a dimly lit room.  Their eyes are fixed on an individual at the front.  The speaker delivers a powerful and passion driven address.  At times, grim images appear on the larger screen behind the orator, but the onlookers are not fearful.  On the contrary, the assemblage seems ignited to a restless stir, appearing ready to burst forth from their seats and through the doors.  These men and women, adults and children, gather together united in a purpose.  It is the apex of a revolution and they seek to sway the tides with sheer tenacity and power of will.  They will win by attrition and usurp the evil powers that stand against their noble cause...

A look back on history shows us that the fate of the world has often been altered in rooms such as this, by ardent individuals who seek to create a better living environment for themselves and those around them.  The primary difference between this group and many of the historical examples is that this is no secret society.  The challenge of this clutch is, in fact, to become more known by spreading a message to all.  Save Our Shores is more than just an organization, the words resonate as a call to rally our forces.  The name or phrase is rather well known in the Santa Cruz area and many locals have even attended one or more of their beach cleanups or other functions.  What is perhaps less known by the general public is how deep and true Save Our Shores really runs.  The Stewardship Program is an excellent way for anyone to get a better idea of this.

Most of us are aware that the current state of affairs on planet earth is not good.  Some of us are even cognizant of just how bad it really is.  While knowing the full extent of the problem is an unfortunate part of solving anything, the meetings of the Stewardship Program are focused on taking action and giving everyone who is willing to listen, the tools to making their actions more effective.  It is no exaggeration to call this movement a revolution.  A single-use, disposable economy is running rampant worldwide and needs to be stopped.  It has degraded our living situation to a critical level and it is time we take back our beaches! Take back our oceans! And above all, take back our precious planet!  As always, politicians and governments are slow to act and the power has always lain in the hands of the people.  We need not wait for policies and agendas.  In a united effort we can have a beautiful utopia of our own accord.

       We will stage our revolution in meeting spaces and on beaches!  We proclaim our message and advocate on behalf of a planet who has given us everything.  Mother Nature is putting out a call to everyone.  It’s not a call to arms, but a call to hearts.  Through the Save Our Shores Stewardship Program, people from all professions, cultures and viewpoints come together on a common topic.  People often find they have strengths that can help that they never knew existed or applied to saving the world.  Political views, societal views and everything else take a back seat for the members of this revolution except the resounding importance of saving our oceans.  All differences aside, we all stand to pay the same consequences if we do not act now.  Through local action, Save Our Shores has set benchmarks and precedents for others attempting to do the same across the continent.  These echoes are the sounds of sparks attempting to ignite.  It will be through continued efforts and increasing support if we hope to salvage our listing paradise.

       I implore you all to take this subject to heart and find any and every way you can to make a difference.  It may seem like a daunting task at first glance, and it can be difficult to figure out where to start, but fear not.  Save Our Shores has taken the guess work out of this part.  With the help of the S.O.S. crew, it becomes very evident how easily we can make a very positive difference.

-Ray Hocking, S.O.S. Steward Class 2013

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