May 8, 2013

Save Our Shores Executive Director Sails Across the Monterey Bay for Ocean Conservation TODAY!

Save Our Shores Executive Director Laura Kasa is making the journey across the Monterey Bay from Santa Cruz to Monterey harbor in a 17 foot boat on Wed, May 8th.  Laura will be taking this long trek to document the wildlife and the beauty of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.  Laura hopes to increase the stewardship of the Bay by engaging more people in its protection.

Many people enjoy the Sanctuary by swimming, surfing, diving, boating, kayaking, or simply enjoying a peaceful walk along the beach.  Because we have a Monterey Bay Sanctuary we may see whales, but we will never see oil rigs.  We may not realize how fortunate we are.  Some even may take it for granted that we have this ocean in our backyard.  But now our ocean needs our help if we are going to continue to recreate in it, make a living from it, or simply enjoy peace of mind when walking on a pristine beach.

How do you Save Our Shores?

Laura is travelling across the Sanctuary in this small boat because she accepted an invitation from Matt McFadyen and Cameron Webb of Peak Teams for a training sail.  Matt and Cam are training to paddle in this 17 foot boat 2,000 miles through the Northwest Passage to the Arctic Circle this summer.  They are taking this treacherous journey through rough conditions for three months.  Throughout the trip they will be raising awareness about the ocean and raising money to support Save Our Shores and the Coastal Watershed Council, two local non-profits working to protect our watersheds here in Santa Cruz.

Cam and Matt are going to great lengths to demonstrate how they Save Our Shores.  But you don’t have to paddle 2,000 miles in the Arctic to show your love of your ocean.  There are many ways that you can give back to protect this ocean.  You can reduce your use of disposable items, volunteer at a local beach cleanup, support local bans on single-use plastics or learn more at
In this spirit of innovation and vitality, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts is proud to be the primary sponsor of Cam and Matt’s trip:  Beyond the Circle.  Fairmont recognizes the importance of having passions and creating memorable experiences.  Adventure comes in many forms and what heightens the senses and excites the mind, body or spirit varies considerably.  Fairmont Hotels & Resorts hopes this incredible journey will inspire others to take action in ocean conservation.

Come and welcome Laura, Matt and Cam after their sail!  They will be landing in the Monterey Harbor around 2pm.

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