June 12, 2013

NOAA Webisodes: The Scientists Working to Save Us from Ourselves

Did you ever wonder about the research that goes into the marine life policies that we are fighting for?

Through cooperative efforts between a thoughtful community, non-profit organizations and a handful of hardworking legislators, the Santa Cruz coastline boasts a number of fishery regulations that are helping to rebuild fish stock. We can be proud of efforts made to bring back a flourishing marine ecosystem.

Rather than simply identifying a few species as off-limits, careful consideration is given into the impact and balance that regulation may have on both marine life and those that depend upon fishing for their livelihood. 

Countless hours are devoted to data analysis and assessment by marine scientists to tell us if we are following a management model that will be effective. The scientists examining this data are quite literally trying to save us from ourselves. Can we reverse years of overfishing and trawling damage? Will the fish replenish?

Now we can get a glimpse into uplifting stories about the individuals who are devoted to studying and protecting the ocean—our most valuable resource.

The NOAA Fisheries website has started producing a series of podcasts entitled On The Line that introduce us to scientists and the work they are doing to sustain and improve marine life.

The short, feature stories are quite simply inspiring. Amazing and unanticipated discoveries are being made every day!

article by Leeta-Rose Ballester, SOS communications intern


  1. I'm glad there are people working to replenish our ocean's ecosystem! I hope it does work.

  2. Jane Lubchenco was on task.


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