July 19, 2013

An Amazing Pair: Rowing, Sailing Through the Arctic

How far would you go to support someone or something you love? Cam Webb and Matt McFayden have embarked on a 2000-mile journey of icy waterways, through the Northwest Passage, in order to bring awareness to conservation efforts in the Arctic, and the work of Save Our Shores and Coastal Watershed Council. 

Matt and Cam’s message about their mission and the need to bring attention to the Arctic:
This physical, mental and emotional separation has been both a blessing and curse for the great white north. It has enabled the preservation of large areas of relative wilderness, but also permitted governments and individuals to make poor decisions believing no-one is watching. This is your opportunity to understand and appreciate the Arctic in a new way.

The incredible duo was set to leave July 17 from the tiny town of Inuvik, at the top of Canada’s Northwest Territories, aboard a 17-foot vessel, Fairmont’s Passion. The customized craft can sail and row through the harshness of the Arctic. A gale force wind warning set them back a bit, but not much can stand in the way of this pair. After a series of delays, they were finally off on their adventure.

The “goal is to row, sail and drag their boat” through the freezing waters, documenting along the way. Matt and Cam face Arctic storms and Polar bears as they navigate their way through the Northwest Passage. According to their website, they are not totally crazy—they are trying to make a positive change. 

Cam is an experienced traveler and all-around outdoorsman. He has worked as an expedition leader and kayak guide, among a host of other really cool jobs. Cam is also an inspirational speaker and global leadership program developer at Peak Teams, that specializes in helping businesses and individuals develop leadership skills and bring about positive changes.   .

Matt has led and participated in expeditions around the globe. He is a seasoned small yacht pilot and has braved the High Arctic on skis. Matt also works at Peak Teams as a keynote speaker and facilitator.

It is amazing that in both work and play, Matt and Cam have been able to continuously inspire, motivate and energize the people around them. Donations to support coastal causes and their endeavor can be made by following the "make a donation" link on their website.

Cam and Matt say that having a “compelling goal brings focus” and we couldn’t agree more. We thank them for placing that focus and determination on bringing attention to oceanic and coastal issues. This two-of-a-kind’s generous and adventurous three months of travel can be followed on their blog

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