July 12, 2013

Happy Blues in the Bay

Gigantic yet graceful, Blue whales have been seen in great numbers, thrilling onlookers who spot them. At around 90 feet long and between 100 and 150 tons, the blue beauties are hard to miss when they are in surface waters. These deep sea divers, who can nap under water for as long as 40 minutes, are generally more elusive than other local whales such as Humpback whales or Grey Whales. The chance to see so many is one that should not be missed.

An abundance of nutrients blew into the Monterey Bay with the forceful spring winds, which has drawn the whales in. Some have even been seen close to shore near Moss Landing. According to a Santa Cruz Sentinel interview with naturalist Giancarlo Thomae, as many as 15 of the blue giants are in the bay right now.

Still on the endangered species list, Blue whales were nearly hunted to extinction. Along the entire California coast, around 2000 Blue whales are making the waters their summer home as they fatten up on four tons of krill a day before heading to Costa Rica for the winter.

Although total population estimates for Blue whales are somewhat scattered, marine biologists and whale watchers agree that the blues appear to be coming in unprecedented numbers this year.
Don’t miss out on an experience to see the largest animal to grace our planet. They will take your breath away!

Here are some places to start your adventure:

  • Blue Ocean Whale Watching Located in Moss Landing, compassionate crews board sightseers just minutes away from the deep, cold, nutrient-rich waters that animals love.
  • Sanctuary Cruises Utilizing biodiesel vessels, the crew is ready to take you for your close encounter with beautiful marine life.
  • Santa Cruz Whale Watching Part of Stagnaro Charter, they have been taking people out to sea with hopes to catch a glimpse of nature’s most majestic creatures since 1879.
  • Chris' Whale Watching  Operating out of Monterey, Chris' offers a unique educational outlook as onlookers tour the Marine Sanctuary.

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