July 13, 2013

Researchers Embark on Bioluminescence Expedition

Gelatinous creatures that emit their own radiant light have long mystified the average person and researchers alike. Making the deepest, darkest, coldest waters their home, an assortment of jelly fish are the subjects of a 5-day expedition in the Monterey Bay. 

Researchers, in collaboration with Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, boarded the Western Flyer on June 10 and ventured to a site about 2000 meters deep. They deployed their ROV, Doc Ricketts, to a depth of 1250 meters as well as a team of SCUBA divers. The ROV collected samples of targeted organisms while the SCUBA team delighted in collecting animals in the shallow waters. 

On the first day of the dive, the ROV snapped midwater photos of the lustrous jellies. The ultimate goal of the expedition is to expand knowledge of the diversity and evolution of animals in the midwater of Monterey Bay, as well as further understanding of changes to deep-ocean ecosystems. 

You can follow the research team’s expedition log here.

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