July 22, 2013

Too Little Too Late: TEPCO Finally Admits to Radioactive Leak

The devastating effects of the 2011 earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan have slowly continued to roll on, and into the bay, at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, according to a Huff Post Green report

Tokyo Electric Power Co., the utility company that runs the plant and has been criticized for not fully disclosing hazards to the community, announced Monday that there has most likely been a leak of radioactive water into the sea since the giant 9.0 earthquake rumbled Japan and the reactors more than two years ago. 

Nuclear experts and environmentalists have suspected a leak since the devastating natural disaster, but until now TEPCO has denied any problems. They know say that water tests show elevated radiation levels in ground water and around the bay. The company’s spokesperson assured the public that they were trying to keep the contaminated water localized by infusing chemical solution into the shoreline edge to congeal underground structures. 

Marine biologists have repeatedly warned that there have been higher radioactive levels in fish collected near the power plant since just months after the disaster. 

The fortunate news is that many officials don’t believe the nuclear-contaminated water has reached the Pacific Ocean yet, and if it were it would become heavily diluted. However, some disagree, stating that even though the ocean is large it can only take on so much. We agree. More information needs to come to the foreground and the leak must be stopped immediately. Two-years is too long.


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