August 14, 2013

Nancy Connelly: Volunteer of the Year

We have so many rock star volunteers that when we choose our annual Volunteer of the Year it is a hard-pressed decision. However, this year we have been blown away by the outstanding dedication shown by Nancy Connelly. 
Volunteer of the Year
Nancy is a 2011 graduate of our Sanctuary Stewards Docent Program where she received ocean and coastal issue training from marine biologists and conservationists. 

Stewards pledge a minimum 50-hour volunteer commitment and Nancy has far surpassed that with more than 330 hours! That is simply stellar!

Nancy is quite humble about her efforts and said starting out the day knowing that she has removed  harmful trash from the beach is a great feeling.
"As odd as it may sound, I don't think of my time with Save Our Shores as volunteering," Nancy said. "It's just something I do because I love doing it."

She regularly helps with Save Our Shores events, education and a number of other tasks but says that volunteering her time doing beach cleanups is the most rewarding.

Nancy grew up in Connecticut and said she has always lived near the water. She describes water as an integral part of her life and feels a duty to keep it pristine. 

“Beach clean-ups are only part of what I’ve done with Save Our Shores, but so far it’s been the most fulfilling,” Nancy said after she graduated from the Steward Program. “Seeing the smiles, community spirit and watching bag after bag, pound after pound of trash and recyclables removed from my playground is the best feeling there is."

We are delighted that our volunteers find so much joy in the work they do. Save Our Shores couldn’t accomplish what it does without the help of our dedicated, wonderful volunteers like Nancy Connelly. Please join us at our annual Toast to the Coast to celebrate Nancy’s achievements on August 25th!

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  1. I am so proud of my niece. She is a real treasure in so many ways. She had us out at the shore back in March doing just this kind of service, but I had no idea she put in so much effort. When I think of it, I should have known. Congratulations Nancy!!!!!
    UT & AL


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