August 27, 2013

San Jose bans Styrofoam today

SOS Staff Rachel (dressed up as the Styrofoam Monster) and Laura

After two years of working on a ban on Styrofoam food containers in San Jose, today the council voted. SOS staff and volunteers have spent countless hours meeting with councilmembers, conducting outreach to the community, and sending in letters of support for a ban on this harmful single-use plastic.  SOS was instrumental in banning  foam take out containers in Santa Cruz County over the past few years and we have seen a 75% decrease in Styrofoam litter on our beaches.  The reason we are still seeing any Styrofoam on our beaches is because of visitors coming from areas like San Jose where there are no bans in place yet.  SOS staff including Rachel Kippen, dressed as the Styrofoam Monster, spoke in support of a ban today and were thrilled when the council voted 9-2 to approve the draft ordinance.

Councilmember Herrara  stated that Styrofoam is not a safe material for our environment or human health.
Councilmember Kalra stated that he looked forward to our youth growing up not knowing what it is like to get a Styrofoam take-out container.  "That's a good thing".

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