November 22, 2013

Flexera Software's plans to make positive change in their workplace.

Flexera Software employees do not yet have a formalized plan after their Corporate Cleanup with Save Our Shores at Cowell Beach earlier this month, but they are working diligently on solidifying a few new ideas. 

One big item they walked away with from their cleanup, and the one item they’ll be discussing further, is the idea of buying a water cooler and providing each employee with a water bottle so that they can remove plastic bottles from their vending machines. 

This conversation started after spending 2 hours cleaning up the beach. Decisions like these will take some buy-in from others in the organization who did not attend the cleanup, but this is the idea they are most excited about and most likely to put into action first!

Another idea, to get the rest of their team on board, is to give a summary of their experience and findings at their next local monthly meeting. They plan to create shadow boxes using  photos from their cleanup as samples of their findings, and  then post articles about Gyres and the impact of trash on marine life.

“It’s so amazing to see this level of excitement about making a difference in our own community!  I’m proud to have been alongside all of you,” one Flexera Software employee volunteer said after their day at the beach.

Some have already talked to a few of their coworkers with ideas to engage Flexera Software employees on reducing waste, and they seemed to agree!

It looks like the two main goals they want to focus on within Flexera Software would be:
1. Purchase a water cooler & remove plastic bottles from the company vending machines.
2. Remove paper plates and utensils to encourage employees to bring their own. 
   (Other Flexera offices are already doing this.)

These are all great ideas that our Flexera Software group is strongly working towards. They are continuing to keep the conversation going to motivate the rest of their team to take action! Most of all they are trying to stay motivated and maintain the enthusiasm they built up after their cleanup.

Flexera Software, San Jose cleanup crew and SOS Steward Melanie Franklin.

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