November 25, 2013

Sucked into the Ocean 
 -- Haig White, Sanctuary Steward class of 2010

   My commitment to Save Our Shores (SOS) starts and continues with the love of the ocean in its most natural, unmolested state. When I applied to be a Sanctuary Steward at Save Our Shores, I was in a protracted stretch of unemployment. The urge to do something positive and “give back” to the ocean was at a high for me. After all, the ocean gave me unconditional joy and serenity during the worst and best of times.  
I am attracted to the wonder  of the ocean  in its most peaceful state and in its most agitated, the latter from a cautious distance. And wouldn’t you know it, no sooner did I pass the “grueling” Save Our Shores interview for entry into the steward training program did I find work. That was a very, very, very short four years ago. Why I haven’t always acted on my belief that if you do good then good things come to you, I’ll never know. Save Our Shores has proven this lesson once again to me and I am deeply grateful to channel my energy through the work and mission of SOS. 
Haig White, Sanctuary Steward class of 2010
   Anyone who knows me, knows that I do not do things half-heartedly once I am committed. But, to start I need a spark, a visceral connection to put me into action. Many years ago I read a horrific article about the Great Garbage Patch, also known at the North Pacific gyre. This article left a lasting unsettled feeling in my stomach with the thought of this growing plastic plague in the Pacific Ocean. If I felt this way just thinking about it, how do ocean animals feel ingesting plastic? And how will we feel when a significant change of ocean temperature shifts massive ocean currents along with the Garbage Patch onto the California coast? SOS has put me on the first line of defense against the single-use plastic plague. 
And I just want to say Thank you, SOS.     

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