December 19, 2013

California Marine Protected Areas Anniversary

Happy birthday, California’s underwater parks!
California's trailblazing network of underwater parks turns one on December 19!

As we close out 2013 and prepare to ring in the New Year, Californians have another reason to celebrate. December 19th marks the one-year anniversary of the completion of California's statewide coastal network of MPAs, spanning from Oregon to Mexico!

Covering 16% of our coastal waters, these 124 underwater parks were created by Californians, for all who visit and live in California.

Since implementation, these Marine Protected Areas have been stewarded by ocean enthusiasts and citizen scientists interested in ensuring these parks thrive. While the full network is just turning one, some of the first protected areas in the Channel Islands and Central California have been in the water for more than 10 and 6 years respectively, and more importantly, are already showing great signs of success in wildlife protection.

Help us celebrate and spread the cheer by downloading and sharing these fun graphics with your friends and checking out the SOS MPA video showing how MPAs effect locals in Monterey and Santa Cruz.

December 11, 2013

Sgt. Ian Patrick of the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office Thanks Save Our Shores

The Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office and the Aptos community are deeply appreciative for the cleanup efforts provided by Save Our Shores during the month of November 2013.

We were faced with the daunting project of removing a massive amount of garbage from underneath the Soquel Drive Bridge at Aptos Village prior to the rainy season, and needed all the help we could get. 

I contacted Save Our Shores and was impressed by the quick and eager response to help.   Thank you to Marina and crew for dedicating an entire morning toward hauling approximately 1,200 pounds of refuse from the Aptos Creek ravine!

We clearly would not have had such a successful outcome without the assistance of Save Our Shores.   On behalf of the Aptos Community, I would like to extend my appreciation for a job well done. -Sgt. Ian Patrick