March 7, 2014

Mount Madonna's 5th Grade Class is Classroom of the Year!!

Save Our Shores is proud to announce the
 Classroom of the Year!

This year it goes to a very dedicated and enthusiastic class of 5th graders at Mount Madonna School and teachers Jessica Campbell and Nate Rockhold.

Here are just a few of the reasons they were chosen:

  • Every year they choose an environmental issue to focus on and create a movie and raise money for a solution, last year they made a movie on Condors called "Let the Condors Fly, Not Die."  This year their movie was called "Don't Be A Nurdle, Save the Sea Turtle" and focused on three main issues and solutions (harvesting turtles for things we don't need, bycatch and sustainable seafood, plastics and waste reduction).  

  • Teachers Jessica Campbell and Nate Rockhold are very passionate about teaching their students about the new California State Marine Reptile, the Leatherback Sea Turtle and were even asked to be a part of the first Pacific Leatherback Sea Turtle Conservation Summit.

  • The students presented at a Scotts Valley City Council meeting supporting a plastic bag ban.  20 fifth graders pooled their public comment so they could collectively present their research project on sea turtles and plastic pollution to encourage the city council to put the bag ban on their next agenda.

  • They participate regularly in beach cleanups and joined us for our recent cleanup at Palm Beach in Santa Cruz.

  • The class did a science experiment to test how long it takes bioplastics to break down and if they are a good alternative to single use plastics.  They then presented findings at their fundraiser and spread the word about bio plastics not being all they cracked up to be.

  • The students volunteered at the Amore Our Shores event last month and dressed up in costumes made from recycled plastic trash.  They even got on the KSBW news and tested out games and artwork created by UCSC SPARC art students.
  • They created "Stow it Dont Throw It" containers to pass out to boaters to collect used fishing line! How innovative!

Thank you Mount Madonna 5th graders for your passion for the ocean and your strive to spread the word about being a part of the solution to pollution!

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