March 19, 2014

Santa Cruz Warriors Take on Seabright Beach

What do you get when you mix the Santa Cruz Warriors with 250 volunteers?  

135 pounds of trash!

On the morning of March 15th, the Santa Cruz Warriors basketball team traded in their jerseys for bright yellow "I (heart) Clean Beaches" t-shirts and came to Seabright Beach to meet up with 250 screaming fans!

The volunteers were split into 6 groups and each team had 2 Warriors players to help them out.

After a quick safety talk, the teams were off and running to try to collect the most trash to win some great prizes.  

The teams picked up everything from cigarette butts and bottle caps to a water logged tire! Each team piled up their trash onto their team's tarp and Mav'riks went around to judge each team's bounty.

It was a hard decision, but the call was finally made to crown Team 3 as the winners! They deserved it after hauling a huge tire back to their tarp from across the beach! 

All of the trash totaled up to 137 pounds! 
535 cigarette butts
1328 Styrofoam pieces
1096 plastic pieces
158 plastic straws or stirrers
257 plastic bottle caps

Here is a video by Left Coast Digital from the event: 

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