March 24, 2014

SOS Hopes to Rescue Panther Beach

If you aren't familiar with Panther Beach, we recommend you go there soon!  It is a Santa Cruz north county beach that is beautiful but consistently trashed.  SOS recently began hosting regular monthly cleanups at Panther Beach to increase awareness and get people involved in keeping the beach clean.  SOS is hoping that these regular cleanups will lead to a well managed and cared for beach.

SOS has been running beach cleanups at Panther beach for over 10 years.  In 2013 alone, beach cleanup volunteers collected over 1,000 pounds of trash.  Because of the immense amount of trash, Panther Beach is one of SOS’ Top 10 Hotspots for 2014.

Starting on January 26th, SOS began running monthly beach cleanups at Panther Beach on the 4th Sunday of each month from 9am-11am.  SOS also installed a sign at the beach offering trash bags to beach-goers to incentivize them to keep the beach pristine.  The second beach cleanup on February 23rd yielded 150 pounds of trash in just two hours! Volunteers were feeling successful in their efforts but then on February 24th, the day after the cleanup, the sign was stolen along with the box containing trash bags.  SOS made these trash bags available in an effort to make it easier for people to pack out their trash with the lack of trash cans at the beach.  SOS is trying to work with State Parks and Caltrans to place a dumpster in the parking lot but until then trash bags were intended to help the situation.

What can we do to bring this beach back to its glory days?

“This is a new approach for SOS to focus on Hotspots as our goal for 2014 instead of just aiming to increase the total number of cleanups we do overall.  We led 280 cleanups in 2013 and after analyzing our data to see which were the dirtiest places, we decided to give those 10 locations extra attention this year,” said Laura Kasa, Executive Director of SOS.

If you are interested in helping to keep Panther Beach clean, please join SOS on the 4th Sunday of each month from 9am-11am.  The sign that was stolen will be replaced in the next month and will hopefully stand for much longer to help keep this beach clean.


  1. Thank you for doing this! Let's hope there can be a dumpster installed - that will certainly help. I've seen that trashcan there overflowing ever time I go.

    It'd be great to get a group together to fill in some of those potholes too - extremely rough on the cars just to park there!

  2. Post notices all over UCSC and high schools, please, 'cause a lot of the people trashing it are students there. But maybe that will just make them think "mom will clean up after me, like always."


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